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Data Recovery                                 Hardware Repair & Upgrades

Virus Removal                                  Software Work & Repair

Don’t take a chance! We have years of experience recovering data for business and personal computer owners- pictures, music, documents,Quickbooks and email! Unplug it and get it into the shop…we don’t send it away, we do it right here! Rates start at $85…no data recovered no charge (min. svc charge may apply)!! Just be careful - you only get one shot at it usually, so don’t take a chance! Get it in here!! 95% success rate!

WAIT! Don’t throw it away…we can  fix it! We repair all kinds of hardware problems from cracked laptop cases to switches and power jacks, keyboards, screens, DVD drives that don’t play, memory, hard drives, power supplies, motherboards, etc.

Upgrades of hardware and software

too! We have lots of parts in stock!

Not only are we the best at removing viruses, but we go the extra mile and repair the damage done to your system by the virus! No anti-virus does that - it takes a knowledgeable, experienced tech. This is what actually takes the most time. Then, we protect you by custom installing professional anti-virus so you’ll be safe and secure when we’re done; we

save all your important files, too - no data is lost during repair- no worries!

From MS Office to Intuit Quickbooks,

Adobe to AutoCad, we have been installing and upgrading software for our clients, and getting everything to work well together! Word not working? Thinking about upgrading your operating system? We do that and we also offer consultation and training tailored to your needs.

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